@stooplauren1 – Fly Away

Fly Away

Stoop Lauren‘s latest single, Fly Away, produced by Hollywood Cole.

From the legendary streets of Harlem, New York where the art of hip-hop originated to the emerging city of dreams, Atlanta, black Hollywood, Stoop Lauren is determined to make his stamp on the music industry. Having grown up around various facets of the industry, Stoop is an overall creator with the skill set of being an artist, A&R, trained engineer, and producer. 

His most recent single is his 2019 release of “Fly Away”. His latest upbeat/melodic anthem is centered around having a crazy cool vibe and being free in who you are as a person and in his case as a creator. Stoop embodies the essence of having a good time, care-free and having good vibes only. The single was produced by rising producer, Hollywood Cole.

Intentional in his mission to wow his fans he is anticipating the debut of his upcoming project, With Or Without set to debut Fall 2020. With “Fly Away“, the lead single of the highly anticipated project, Stoop is focusing his energy on giving his fans a solid sound and a variation of vibes to “WOW” them.

Check out his visual here!


BigChildSupport‘s latest visual, Dead Flow, off his third album titled “Thou Shall Never Lack“.
Born in Chicago but raised in Dallas, BigChildSupport has made his way to the city of Atlanta. In the midst of his independent grind he has created some amazing music alongside producer, 14 Shooters [Skooly, DaBaby, Tory Lanez, & more] including Dead Flow.

“For Dead Flow I wanted to come up with a video that represented the song, but had visuals people hadn’t really seen before.  We had to go out and buy a hearse and coffin since we were gonna disrespect the ops ”


UNSIGNED HYPE: @pdopeflow – BWMN



P Dope (aka Dope Boy P)  is quickly becoming the topic of discussion on the hip hop scene. Bringing a unique sound, paired with raunchy street lyrics & versatility. His songs are inspired by his rise to fame in the streets of Baltimore, MD.


“I had to grow up fast I learned at a young age how to make fast money & the importance of being respected. When you grow up poor in the hood respect is everything.”
-P Dope


Not only are his verses a testimony to his rough past but they also serve as motivation to his audience. P Dope discovered his passion for music at a young age but found himself Often distracted by street politics, incarceration, drug money & gang rivalries. It wasn’t until a near death experience in which he survived 4 bullet wounds, that he began to focus in on fulfilling his purpose. Since than he has combined his education of business & his long love affair with music.


P Dope is not only a lyricist, he is also a sharp witted business mind. A quality that is needed in the cut throat music industry. Extended his knowledge of Branding to his peers he has helped many artist develop & build their career. As of recently he has gained traction from working with many notable figures in the hip hop industry including Grand Hustle, Hood Rich DJ’s, Core DJ’s & BWA to name a few.  His recent release “BWMN” can be found on all major digital streaming platforms! As his buzz continues to grow we look forward on hearing more from this rising star. 


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@WholesaleSlimm – Cartier Visions (EP)

Cartier Visions

Slimm Body‘s latest EP “Cartier Visions“. Make sure to check out his visual for his leading single here!


After almost losing his life from a gunshot wound in 2016, to presently fighting an unjust homicide charge, Slimm is releasing new music, videos, and merchandise. Now more than ever his “Cartier Visions EP” symbolize the hurdles and hardships involved in a positive effort to overcome the hood, poverty, and violence within, and the formidable task of emerging into mainstream from the Nashville Hip-Hop scene.  


When asked what he hopes fans take away from the Cartier Visions songs/project, Slimm answers with this: 


“Progression. From where I’m from to where I am now… When you close your eyes you see visions (sights, sounds, smells, feelings, etc…) from your past, present and HOPEFULLY your future… Cartier Visions represents coming from the dirt, and even from adolescence knowing that one day you will be living finely/ seeing things that people from the bottom never get to witness.”  

@YoungBam100 – A Lot Of It

Introducing the lead single from the anticipated project “Trust The Process” from the Glenwood native. The record “A Lot Of It” was originally recorded back in early 2018, but was released on June 28th 2019. With receiving great reviews thus far , the song itself embodies hard work, dedication & showing the world it doesn’t matter how you start but it’s about how you finish. The single empowers you to get on your hustle, to elevate your grind to go harder than ever with whatever you doing.

”They spend a band on a necklace, I spend some bands for my message”